Pizza Dough

I tend to use Brian Lagerstrom’s recipe now, but this one that my dad developed turned out hits for years.

Shrimp Toast

Inspired by a restaurant in Atlanta that was featured on The Chef Show. The salsa macha is a little bit …

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Lemon Chicken

This is one of the first dishes my dad made my mom – definitely a good date meal. It’s also …

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Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce

A great family-style meal, getting everyone sitting around a table putting together spring rolls.

Masaman Chicken

One of my favorite uses of canned curry paste. I like it with bone-in chicken thighs that are slow cooked …

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A great summer dinner on the front porch in the college house.

Korean BBQ, Asian Slaw

This recipe came together in pieces, first with the salad/slaw, then doing a galbijjim-style beef. I had made both before …

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Fried Rice

I grew up eating fried rice a lot, and this recipe is close to one I remember eating as a …

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