Welcome to the cookbook.

I started this creation/compilation of recipes for two main reasons: first, because food has always been a significant part of my life, how I connect with people, and how I see the world. Many of these recipes trigger a specific memory, whether that be hearing about how it was the first meal my dad ever made my mom (Lemon Chicken) or because it is one of the first recipes that I cooked in college and one that my roommate and friends loved (Thai Red Curry Chicken). And second, I want to help others cook and learn to enjoy food the way I have. I know it isn’t always easy to jump into cooking, but many of the best memories of my life have been centered around food or a specific meal – I want to help people create those memories as well.

I can in no way take credit for every recipe that appears here – some of these recipes I grew up eating, some I learned from watching other people or a movie (i.e. Chef, Eat Drink Man Woman), and some I’ve come up with and simplified on my own. No matter the source of inspiration, I have thoroughly enjoyed putting these recipes together and cooking for and with my friends. I hope that no matter why you came to the cookbook or chose to subscribe – even if it’s just for some sort of inspiration when you’re hungry – I hope you will enjoy the growing collection and are able to cook more for yourself and the people you care about.